Norway Agency has exradited Mullah Krekar to Italy overnight.

Norway Agency has exradited Mullah Krekar to Italy overnight. 
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Today 26/03/202 Norway has extradited Mullah Krekar to Italy and he is now imprisoned in Italy's capital, Roma..

Today in the midday ,Monica Maeland, Norwegian Justice Minister has announce they have given Mullah Krekar to Italy and now he is in there.

The process has conducted overnight without anyone knowing neither his family nor his barrister as well. Mullah Krekar even had no chances to farewell his family, the Norway journalists stated.

In a question asked by journalists on the safety of going to Italy as it is dangerous due to the Corona virus, Monica answered that it is safe for Mullah Krekar!

It is worth giving attention to the death rate of Covid 19 which concedes 7503 and infected 69,000 people in italy and norwegian authorities officially alarmed citizen not to travel italy because of this outbreak of corona virus.

     Shame on you all, today is a shameful day for all of us, for Norway agency, general judge and for those who claimed thatan innocent man must not be sent to Italy, Mullah Krekar's barrister has told in a press conference.

Following sending Mullah Krekar to Italy and involving him with this issue Media of FRP party stated that they will get Norway rid of Mullah Krekar and he will never be back to the country. As they now celebrated their so called victory since it was revealed for the judge that FRP's previous secretary wrote a message on celebrating victory against Mullah Krekar in Roma. Besides it was discovered for the court   that this issue has been fabricated against Mullah Krekar based on nothing, yet they allowed Norway Agency to send Mullah Krekar to Italy secretly and cowardly.

An Italian newspaper has shared that today in the morning Mullah Krekar has been transferred from Italy's airport(fıumcicino) to the biggest prison of the country, Rebibbia prison.
The prison is one of the biggest and most problematic one in the country. The prisoners have recently went on strike due to ill treatment against them. They burnt a part of the prison caused 10 deaths and escaping 30 ones from there, thus the prison staff has intesified their ill treatment with them. Moreover, 95 prisoners have died, due to corona virus, in that part where Mullah Krekar has been imprisoned.

Same day as  Italy has decreed to sentence Mullah Krekar 12 years in 15/07/2019 Norway has raided his house keeping him in custosy for 8 months. Since then no one could visit him except for his family under condition of speaking to him only in Norwegian Language. 

    Mullah Krekar has been accused for creating  a route ( Rawty Shakh) which has not been registered anywhere and has not done any activities. As Mullah Krekar has announced that Rawty Shakh belongs to and so do I. That route is a theoretical one.

     Mullah Krekar has been registered as a political  refugee in  by USA and has accepted by Norway in 1991. But Norway has deprived him from all his rights for 17 years and today it has sent him to Italy in a political process with an unkown fate.

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